Friday, June 13, 2014

What does Kiki Lu mean?

First Encounter and Curiosity

The first time I saw the word "Kiki Lu" was when I got up in a morning and saw the word on the wall of the opposite house. I did not really care about that at first and just ignored it. A few day later, I started to see it on the Internet and this drew some of my attention. The time I started to really wonder about it and wanted to discover what it means when my colleagues talked about it. None of them could tell me what it really meant. The curiosity of the meaning of the word was kindled in me when small children, comedians and singers used this words very often. And that made me determined to decipher its meaning by
asking others and searching the Internet. As a result, I have got some clues.

The attempt to interpret the meaning by Website Thmey Thmey

"The meaning of the word 'Kiki Lu' is as hard to discover as searching for Malaysia's MH370 Airplane" is the title of that story, but it does help a lot in interpreting the meaning. 

Literally, Kiki Lu means "Howling dog". Kiki is the common name for a dog, and the word "Lu" means "To howl". It is easy, isn't it? And that's all. NO, IT'S NOT! The outbreak of "Kiki Lu" disease in recent Cambodian society has completely different meanings based mainly on how and in what situation it is used.

On the Social Network like Facebook, there are some people who tried to interpret its meaning. Some netizens said the word "Kiki Lu" referred to "Having sex", while others said it referred to the "Sex organ" itself or "moan a woman made when she had sex". 

Concern of education institutions over rampant "Kiki Lu" disease

The widespread use of the word "Kiki Lu" prompts concern by education institutions. According to the Cambodia Daily, the head of a primary school repeatedly prohibited the use of the word "Kiku Lu" as the word is considered by most primary schools in Phnom Penh as bad in meaning. However, the use of the word is even greater, especially among young students.

“The students use that word without knowing what they are saying. Even preschool students use it; sometimes when they see a dog crossing.” said Meas Chhorporn, Principal of the Preah Norodom Primary School.

Some teachers warn of lowering the grades of any student who is caught using that word. However, that does seem to work as the students say they cannot abandon this beloved word.